10. beautifultrees07 said: Hey, my names Ariana! I am studying 3d visual development in LA. I'm just wondering what your background is in 3d and if you are planning on pursuing a career in the industry? I'm currently a senior and I'm doing an abstract piece-- I was looking at your blog for inspiration.

    Hi! I don’t really have any sort of professional or school-related experience doing 3D work, I’ve mostly just been teaching myself to use Blender over a number of years now and feel like I’ve developed a reasonably good handle on the ins and outs of the modeling/animating/rendering side of things. There’s still so much to learn though!

    In terms of a career, It’s something I’ve considered, however I think the extent of my 3D work is limited to personal projects for the moment. Which is not to say that I don’t have any interest in pursuing it professionally in the future but for the time being I think it’s mostly headed in a different direction.

    Hope that answers your question!